Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Paper Bakery Challenge and Layouts Using the PB Kit!

We shan't talk about it.  Suffice it to say, I know and I am hanging my head in total shame. But all that really matters is that I am here now right?  I am even more amazed and enamored by those amazing bloggers who have their proverbial "poo" so together that they can do this each and every day with such grace and talent.  My hat is off and I am indeed trying to pull myself up from a very deep curtsy.

So in the words of Jack Nicholson in the very very scary movie "The Shining," Immmmmmm baacccccckkkk.  No wait, he says "Here's Johnny!" In fact, I have no idea who in the world says "I'mmmmmmmm baaaaaccccckkkkk!" but you are indeed smelling what the Rock is cooking!  Yeah I don't know what the heck I rambling about and perhaps should delete this paragraph, except that it might give someone out there a laugh so why not just leave it!

In my absence, I will say I have been very busy in the crafty realm.  Between getting ready for retreats and doing some volunteer work in painting scenery for my daughter's school and it's drama performance of Don Quixote, I have been greatly enjoying both some traditional and some Project Life Like scrapping (yeah, Becks is still on her mine, mine, mine kick).  I mean I have craved it, wanting to sneak down into the dungeon every chance I get to play. I have shown and told the story many times of how I am addicted to "of the month: clubs and that hasn't changed.  What has changed is that I have switched a few of my kits to the traditional scrap kits as opposed to the pocket page kits.  While I haven't made that official change yet with Paper Bakery, I probably will next month.  This month I took the kit on a test drive and really liked that I have been able to create 5 traditional layouts with product left over to make even more.  I think the amount of trendy product you get and the fact that they all coordinate so beautifully makes them such an awesome dealio! If you want to check out Paper Bakery's kits, head over to and tell Sarah I say HI!  She offers amazing customer service (so much so that I have started selling some of her products at the retreats) and her design team shows how to use the kits beautifully.  Sarah designs so much that you will see...stamps and stencils, OH MY and I love to support smaller companies that show so much talent and love for our craft.

Before I show you the other layouts, I wanted to tell you that Paper Bakery is having a sketch challenge.  Here is the sketch:
Sketch 16If you would like to participate in the sketch challenge, here is the link:

I had a bunch of scraps left over and not a lot of "whole" paper that I could use so I had to improvise.  I will say that I rather like my improvisation though I wish I had more, more, more of the lovely paper that was included in the October kit.  Here is my take on the sketch:

Yeah, you will notice that my photography skills have not gotten any better.  I really need to get a mini easel to put my layouts on in order to photograph.  Anywho, this is a great sketch to use some scraps and/or if you are just starting with sketches this is an easy one to follow.

The rest of the layouts you see below all come from October's Paper Bakery kit.  Not to mention I SCRAPLIFTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Let me say that again so that we are clear...I SCRAPLIFTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LAYOUTS FROM THE TALENTED DESIGN TEAM AT PAPER BAKERY.  Yeah, I will absolutely admit to not being so creative when it comes to layouts.  I can alter alllll day long with no problem and never really need to borrow inspiration.  Maybe because there aren't as many rules as there seem to be in scrapbooking.  At any rate, I completely and totally went to October's Design Team Gallery and scored a few five finger discounts.  Ok, ok, I added my own wee little touches here and there, but the praise goes to Paper Bakery's design team for their fabulous creativity and help with these layouts.
I totally loved this phone dial paper and found it painful to cut up.  However, it does make a freaking adorable rlayout.,,especially when you notice that my sweet girl is sleeping with her cell phone  stuck to her forehead,. I call those kinds of pics "dating blackmail" for later on in life.

Loved the layout Tegan Skwiat did (she is a personal fave) and had to copy it.  My daughter and her bestie were the ball girls for the Duke Volleyball team and this was a great layout to capture just two of the many, many pictures I have taken of that honor.

I have an obsession with shadow thinks it might be because you actually look somewhat skinnier in these photos.  This is a very simple layout but I am totally digging just scrapping one pic per page for some reason.

My front door and a rather fall inspired layout.  I love the colors and how well the picture seems to sink into the page (in a good way, a total good way).

I hope this first blog back was somewhat inspiring.  At the very least, head on over to Paper Bakery and participate in the challenge or check out the fab design team and their mind-blowing creativity.  I know I am going to link up for the challenge because mommy likes the chance to win some freebies so that I can totally work on some more pages INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY.  And you know, the challenge is only up for so long, so you have to hurry up and do a layout for it INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Dirty underwear for one more day is sooooo worth the chance to win some Paper Bakery goodness.  Heck, you can always tell your kids that it is fun to wear their bathing suits instead of undies so that you can get your layout done INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  xoxoxoxoxxo Heather