Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Paper Bakery Challenge and Layouts Using the PB Kit!

We shan't talk about it.  Suffice it to say, I know and I am hanging my head in total shame. But all that really matters is that I am here now right?  I am even more amazed and enamored by those amazing bloggers who have their proverbial "poo" so together that they can do this each and every day with such grace and talent.  My hat is off and I am indeed trying to pull myself up from a very deep curtsy.

So in the words of Jack Nicholson in the very very scary movie "The Shining," Immmmmmm baacccccckkkk.  No wait, he says "Here's Johnny!" In fact, I have no idea who in the world says "I'mmmmmmmm baaaaaccccckkkkk!" but you are indeed smelling what the Rock is cooking!  Yeah I don't know what the heck I rambling about and perhaps should delete this paragraph, except that it might give someone out there a laugh so why not just leave it!

In my absence, I will say I have been very busy in the crafty realm.  Between getting ready for retreats and doing some volunteer work in painting scenery for my daughter's school and it's drama performance of Don Quixote, I have been greatly enjoying both some traditional and some Project Life Like scrapping (yeah, Becks is still on her mine, mine, mine kick).  I mean I have craved it, wanting to sneak down into the dungeon every chance I get to play. I have shown and told the story many times of how I am addicted to "of the month: clubs and that hasn't changed.  What has changed is that I have switched a few of my kits to the traditional scrap kits as opposed to the pocket page kits.  While I haven't made that official change yet with Paper Bakery, I probably will next month.  This month I took the kit on a test drive and really liked that I have been able to create 5 traditional layouts with product left over to make even more.  I think the amount of trendy product you get and the fact that they all coordinate so beautifully makes them such an awesome dealio! If you want to check out Paper Bakery's kits, head over to and tell Sarah I say HI!  She offers amazing customer service (so much so that I have started selling some of her products at the retreats) and her design team shows how to use the kits beautifully.  Sarah designs so much that you will see...stamps and stencils, OH MY and I love to support smaller companies that show so much talent and love for our craft.

Before I show you the other layouts, I wanted to tell you that Paper Bakery is having a sketch challenge.  Here is the sketch:
Sketch 16If you would like to participate in the sketch challenge, here is the link:

I had a bunch of scraps left over and not a lot of "whole" paper that I could use so I had to improvise.  I will say that I rather like my improvisation though I wish I had more, more, more of the lovely paper that was included in the October kit.  Here is my take on the sketch:

Yeah, you will notice that my photography skills have not gotten any better.  I really need to get a mini easel to put my layouts on in order to photograph.  Anywho, this is a great sketch to use some scraps and/or if you are just starting with sketches this is an easy one to follow.

The rest of the layouts you see below all come from October's Paper Bakery kit.  Not to mention I SCRAPLIFTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Let me say that again so that we are clear...I SCRAPLIFTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LAYOUTS FROM THE TALENTED DESIGN TEAM AT PAPER BAKERY.  Yeah, I will absolutely admit to not being so creative when it comes to layouts.  I can alter alllll day long with no problem and never really need to borrow inspiration.  Maybe because there aren't as many rules as there seem to be in scrapbooking.  At any rate, I completely and totally went to October's Design Team Gallery and scored a few five finger discounts.  Ok, ok, I added my own wee little touches here and there, but the praise goes to Paper Bakery's design team for their fabulous creativity and help with these layouts.
I totally loved this phone dial paper and found it painful to cut up.  However, it does make a freaking adorable rlayout.,,especially when you notice that my sweet girl is sleeping with her cell phone  stuck to her forehead,. I call those kinds of pics "dating blackmail" for later on in life.

Loved the layout Tegan Skwiat did (she is a personal fave) and had to copy it.  My daughter and her bestie were the ball girls for the Duke Volleyball team and this was a great layout to capture just two of the many, many pictures I have taken of that honor.

I have an obsession with shadow thinks it might be because you actually look somewhat skinnier in these photos.  This is a very simple layout but I am totally digging just scrapping one pic per page for some reason.

My front door and a rather fall inspired layout.  I love the colors and how well the picture seems to sink into the page (in a good way, a total good way).

I hope this first blog back was somewhat inspiring.  At the very least, head on over to Paper Bakery and participate in the challenge or check out the fab design team and their mind-blowing creativity.  I know I am going to link up for the challenge because mommy likes the chance to win some freebies so that I can totally work on some more pages INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY.  And you know, the challenge is only up for so long, so you have to hurry up and do a layout for it INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Dirty underwear for one more day is sooooo worth the chance to win some Paper Bakery goodness.  Heck, you can always tell your kids that it is fun to wear their bathing suits instead of undies so that you can get your layout done INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  xoxoxoxoxxo Heather

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Pocket Life Kit with a Little Twist...a Citrus Twist!

A Twisted Kit That is Always So Very Sweet...

Citrus Twist Goodies for August
     You like it when I do this. right?  You like to be enabled so that you can blame someone else for the purchasing of lots and lots (and lots and lots) of scrapbook goodies, right?  I know this because I, too, like to be enabled (okay we may have to switch the word to encouraged because enabling sounds way too harsh for this positive vibe kind of girl) and shown the path to all that is lovely and good in scrapbook nirvana (and so I can blame someone else when Big Papa gets THAT look on his face).  
      And because I always aim to please and I know you likey, I bring you a new (to me) kit of the month club.  WHAT???  WHATCHU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS??  Surely, I didn't go all kinds of crazy and join yet another one.  OH YES!  YES I DID!!  And this is my thought process, so just hang with me for a second.  I really debated whether or not to put another kit club on my blog.  It somehow felt like cheating in a bad, dirty way on those that have come before. And yet, it is not all 50 Shades at all!  In fact, it is quite the familial opposite.  In my adorable little blonde head, adding another kit club to my lovely brood of 4 is like giving birth to another child (and this one is a WHOPPER, weighing in at big pounds, but with none of the proverbial labor pains or mommy guilt).  I love of all of my 5 children (awwwww, I am one short of the Brady Bunch...yeah, NO!) equally and with all of my heart.  They all come/came at different times and they are each so very different.  Each time I look at them I get all giddy and proud.  RIGHT??  RIGHT??  You can totally tell this explanation is soooo working for me (now if I can only get it to work for Big Papa).
     So this?  This is like a birth announcement; an introduction to the newest blessing.  Welcome Citrus Twist to my kit of the month family!  SQUEEEEEEEE!! I am one proud mama because not only have I found yet another club that offers superior value, but the customer service is amazing too.   I will preface this whole intro thing by saying that I did in fact (kind of, sort of ) realize that the amount of Project Life Like cards I was getting each month from all of my (ahem) children was substantial and that I would basically need to live about 4 lives before I would ever be able to use them all.  Because of that, I contacted Trina (me thinks she might be the real "Mama" behind CT) and asked her if I could switch my Pocket Life subscription to their Main Kit for September.  Being so amazingly amazing with the customer service "thang" she let me do just that!  From here on out, I will be getting the main kit each month (don't look at me like I switched kids in the nursery or something...the child reference is merely that and represents the kit in general).  

Just in case you can barely control yourself and need a piece of the action just after seeing my drool worthy picture (the content and the amazing photography--said no one about my blog EVER!), here is the link to Citrus Twist.  OH OH AND OH....I forgot the best part!!  If you sign up for a kit membership and refer a friend who does the same, you both get an embellishment grab bag.  And as you will see soon enough, the embellie grab bag is FABULOUS!   Tell Trina I said HOWDY!! 

Granted this isn't ALL my Pocket Life kit; there are other goodies intermingled with my PL Kit.  The thing is that some of these lovelies were FREE and sent because they were happy and appreciative that I became a member of their kit club.  The smaller companies do such a wonderful job of showing that you are, in fact, a customer and a scrapper, not a number!  And my kit bowl?  I scraplifted the idea from some amazing women on YT who regularly do process videos (check out mercytiara and nicolejones911 if you haven't already).  They put their current kits in bowls and trays on their scrap tables and work from them until there are only bits and pieces left.  Giddyup!

Check out these embellishments....such coordinated goodness!  And, I have to say, I love how the washi comes for two reasons: 1. I will never, ever, in my whole life use an entire roll of washi tape and this happens to be a perfect amount.  2. I can't wait to use that little spool in one of my altered projects when I am done with the beautiful washi. 

 What can you possibly say?  This left even me speechless!!  Once again, a whole 6x6 paper pad just speaks volumes for the quantity AND the quality of this kit membership.  Citrus Twist, I heart you!!


I know this is such a shocker (she said sarcastically), but the photography doesn't even do the colors of these cards justice.  They are really in the softest, most trendy off whites, blues, turquoises, reds and oranges.  And if you do pocket scrapping like I do, that card in the upper left just makes you go "SQUEEEEEEE!" because it is more of a by the month trend as opposed to by the week (but could be used either way).

Hmmmm mmmm, more slap yo mama goodness!  And forgive my YT vid (I am saying it like this because I know you watched it. And here is where you nod and agree to make Heather Big Poppa does when he has only pretended to hear anything I just said) because I misnamed the company these pretties came from.  They actually came from We R Memory Keepers and I went on and on calling them something different.  It is called You Tube brain....all rational and intelligent thought seems to slide from my head as soon as I press RECORD.  Kind of like how I magically gain 30 pounds as soon as someone snaps my photo (okay, not really...I just like to think I  have way fewer chins than what I see in photos).

 Speaking of customer appreciation...yeah, this is totally a sign of their appreciation.  Just to say thanks, they sent an ENTIRE stamp set.  And not only is it an ENTIRE stamp set, but it is a wonderful one that is soooo completely pocket scrapbooking oriented that I can't believe I haven't had it in my arsenal before now.   Thank you CT!
I really, really (really, really, really) have a hard time saying no to a stamp.  Case in point, I added on both of these lovelies.  The prices are so good and the stamps are so freakin' cute and appropriate for my style of scrapping that it really is hard to say "no" so I didn't.  Sorry Nancy Reagan (another 80s reference...apologies to my young readers), but this girl just said YES!

I expressed a few blogs back (ahhhh, it is so nice to say a few blogs back and totally not mean a few months or years back) that I have started incorporating (and loving) 12x12 layouts into my pocket page scrapping.  I love how CT puts together trending papers for me in a nice and neat coordinated way.  Once again, the price is so good that I just had to add it on.

Remember the freebie that I mentioned for September (the "sign up for a kit membership and encourage a friend to sign up for kit membership too"  freebie)?  Well I was lucky enough to sign up in August (different freebie incentive) and get this LOAD of embellishments in a grab bag (anyone else LOVE a grab bag???) I was totally blown away by how current and hip these embellies are and am loving the fact that, once again, CT went out of their way to just say thank you.  

Now go check out the September picks for Citrus Kits INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Dirty clothes can wait; awesome kit memberships must be ooooogled now!  And if you need one more thing to do INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY, go check out my You Tube video which showcases the kit goodies even better.  And once you get done watching....NO!  I haven't finished the book which is why my blog still looks busted.  Patience my little blog readers; I can't hit you with my fabulousness all at steps!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Project Life Like Kit That's Good Enough to Eat!!


I love getting happy mail.  I love, love the anticipation of waiting for goodies I know are is the only time in my life I have patience. I love, love, love  how on trend the supplies are; it makes my "job" so much easier.   I really love to see the ingenuity of people like Sarah at The Paper Bakery who come up with these amazing kits each and every month. 

 Honestly, kits of the month dumbfound me (not hard right??).  I feel like I know this industry fairly well, but the idea of putting together a kit of the month totally leaves me with that "stoooopid" look on my face and a completely empty head (BE NICE!).  So each time I get a kit like this in the mail, I want to hug it and squeeze it and name it George!  As soon as the package is in my hands, I lovingly pull out each item and give it what might be considered a pretty sick pat down.  Yeah, I smell it (judgement free remember) and leave no piece of it untouched (dang, this blog just went all 50 Shades!!), all with a huge smile on my face.  When I am done, I put it all back in the box, only to do it again when the hunger hits to touch paper (about an hour later :)) .  I can only tell you this because if you are reading my blog, you too are a paper "HO"arder and lover of all that our paper needs to make it pretty.  

I really, really, really, really want to join Sarah's Main Kit over at Paper Bakery too because I think her kits offer the most bang for the buck, but this girl is trying to budget and Big Poppa might lose his understanding, sweet nature if one more "of the month" anything gets delivered to this house.  While I love doing Project Life Like, I have been having a blast doing some 12x12 layouts too. And 5 PLL kits a month might be a tad over the top (ya think??).  Studio Calico may just have to go bye-bye so that I can do Sarah's  Main Kit.  In the grand scheme of things, SC's kits just don't have that attention to detail and they are seriously lacking in the customer service that Sarah offers without fail each and every month. I have heard a lot of the same rumblings among people who are also addicted to kit clubs.  If you are on the fence about joining, I really encourage you to look at smaller kit businesses like The Paper Bakery. 

Want to see why?  I cannot be blamed for all the enabling that is about to happen up in here!  If you are easily swayed and feeling weak, you may just want to stop reading right.......NOW.  But just in case, here is the address of The Paper Bakery: Tell Sarah I said HI!!

A bowl full of happiness!  This is the unboxed know once it has been all fondled and petted.  I keep this bowl out on my work table and work through it each month.  You know you want to touch it!  Go one is watching.
I know right?  Not pieces of a 6x6 but an entire, beautiful, newly released 6x6 paper pad!  SQUEEEEEEE!!  The colors are swoon worthy and my terrible photography doesn't even do this collection justice.  6x6 Paper pads are so perfect for Project Life Like (and HELLO affordable) and an absolute must for this scrap happy girl.
Do we ever have enough Alphas?  NEVER I say, NEVER!  The more the merrier in my humble opinion.  And these?  Sarah couldn't have done a better job of matching them up with the sweet paper pad.  The awesomeness is that these ABCs are of the size that can be used for both PLL and for 12x12 scrapping too.

OH yeah, worst photography ever seen on a blog!  My apologies ya'll.  I love my Samsung Note II but dang the camera is touchy.  Anywho, these are a few of the sweet embellishments.  I HEART enamel dots and flair too, especially for PLL.  And how adorbs are those paper clips?  I have never seen any quite so tiny but so completely bursting with CUTENESS.  Once again, perfect match ups for the paper pad and PLL cards.

This might be my favorite part of the kit (or I might just say that about every part of the kit).  I am so excited and inspired by the colors but also by the blank canvas that the grid cards offer.  While I love my PLL for being quick and easy, what I am really jonesing to do is create some of my own cards.  This kit is perfect for that; the blanks and the 6x6 pad are just screaming. "PUT ME TOGETHER!!"

Did you notice anything else on this stamp set BUT the push pin?  I know, me too!  That stamp set could have said just about anything and I would not have cared as long as that adorable push pin was in my hot little hands.  I do love the whole set and am thrilled for its versatility for PLL.

Don't know if I have ever mentioned my penchant for hoarding stamps.  They do make me get all fidgety and hyperventilate.  For health reasons (bwhahahahahaha), I had to add this on to my kit this month.  It was some crazy price (way under $5 I think) and that whole "what HAPPENED?" stamp is the story of my life!

Do I even need to say it?  Girl, you know what I will be doing INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!  I have a bajillion  pics to scrap and stuff to put away from my last retreat (oh and I have to get ready for my next retreat),  but those blank cards are calling me.  Creativity, for me, is like exercise:  I must do it each day in order to be a happier, healthier person.  The laundry?  Not so much.  I will be rolling around nekked  I will be playing with my Paper Bakery kit today INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  And I hope to have some amazeballs PLL handmade cards to show you soon.  What are you going to do today INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY?  And the bathrooms or the bedrooms is not an answer!!

Sarah has lots of kits, not just the Capture 365 one, so please go show her some love.  She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat and Back to School Mode...nuf said!

A short, tiny, itty bitty little blog post is better than no blog post at all right?
Because in this house?  We are in back to school craziness and scrapbook retreat overload and it is all I can do to just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

This is my office.  It has been taken over by a force to be reckoned with (AKA my sixth grader) who needed every school supply ever sold at  of Target...ever!  You see those pretties lining the counters?  No, of course you don't because of the disaster.  Have I mentioned yet that this kind of disorderly disaster drives me insane?  It gives me hives and makes me itch.  Have I mentioned that tomorrow is the first day of school?  SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I mean, I will miss this mess  my daughter terribly.
AND REMEMBER!  This is a judgement free zone my friends!

IF you have been following my blog (hehehheehehe, yeah right!), you might remember the pics I showed awhile ago.  Remember that beautifully organized, clean, light filled room?  This?!?!? This is not it.  This too gives me hives and makes me itch.  I don't work well in chaos Sam I Am.  I need neat and tidy to make me happy and productive.  This?!?!?!?!?!? This is not it.  All the stuff you see EVERYWHERE are the supplies I am working on for my scrapbook retreat (yeah...if you are new, I am a vendor at NC Scrapbook Crops and Retreats.  I have my own small, burgeoning business called "sweet 'bellies" in which I sell embellishments of the vintage and non-vintage variety).  I am not even close to finishing and am in major panic mode.  This mess gives me hives and makes me itch...just sayin'.
So while I usually try and provide you with what I have been doing  INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY, I can't even begin to think about laundry at this moment.  I am drowning in a sea of scrapbook retreat goodies and school supplies.  For most of you who read this, that might sound heavenly.  For me?  The only thing I am doing INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY right now is scratchin'!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Project Life Like Time Waster!

Pic Monkey Photo Editor (FREE AND FABULOUS) for PLL or 12x12s

First of all before you get all Miss Huffypants about me combining the PLL with the "Time Waster," take a breath, and read it again.  Notice I DID NOT say waste of time!  RIGHT? RIGHT?  It is okay, I forgive you. This post is all about another thing I have added to the repertoire (what?  I just spelled that without the help of the spell check...I am on tonight!) of my Project Life Like love and obsession thanks to a recently watched You Tube video that has me playing more and more with my photos (which means washing less and less of Big Papa's drawers...WINNER!)  And YES!  This fab finding will also work on those naughty (well, not like naughty rated R naughty, but like breaking the rules naughty) 12x12 layouts too.  

And I realize I might be sooooo late to the parade that I am seeing the tail end of those elderly gentlemen in the funny hats driving the tiny cars, but I figure I am not the only person new to PLL.  On the Facebook groups I belong to regarding PLL, people ask questions about this same topic almost daily. Therefor this is totally an after-school special, a public service announcement of sorts, on the ways of changing your photos from 4x6 pictures to photo collages of two 3x4s and ways to decorate your photos before they are ever processed!  
Hmmmm, me thinks I should probably have mentioned that this video is about turning your 4x6 pictures to photo collages of two 3x4s and ways to decorate your photos before they are ever processed in the first sentence (why do that when I can just repeat it over and over??).

Okay, the video that led to my further demise into time waste management and also taught me how to turn my  4x6 pictures to photo collages of two 3x4s and ways to decorate my photos before they are ever processed (bwhahahahahaha! Yes, I am amused!) is based on the free photo editing site called Pic Monkey  It is absolutely free (unless you want to upgrade which is totally not necessary to waste tons of time) and well worth every penny you don't spend.  I can testify that I didn't upgrade and was still able to do everything I wanted to do.  The BEST part of Pic Monkey is that you don't print your pics with them.  You save your pictures to your computer and are therefor able to print from home or from Snapfish, or from your fave send out and pick up place (ANYWHERE PEEPS, YOU CAN PRINT OUT YOUR PICS ANYWHERE YOU CHOOSE BECAUSE YOU SAVE THE PICS THAT YOU HAVE EDITED TO YOUR COMPUTER...just sayin'). I will also say that you don't need any of the fancy Photoshops or other programs to do the Pic Monkey (sounds like a dance all them youngsters are doing now days).

Here is the link to the video that (heheheheheheheeh) taught me how to turn my 4x6 pictures into photo collages of two 3x4s and ways to decorate my photos before they are ever processed:

 There are a ton of Pic Monkey tutes out there but this is the only one I watched so I can't attest to how good or bad the othser are.  BUT if you find some good ones, please hook a sister up!  I know that if you follow her directions, you will be succcessful in editing and collaging (HA! You thought I was going to say "in turning your 4x6 pictures into photo collages of two 3x4s and decorating your photos before they are ever processed" but I DIDN'T!!)

So I have some edited 4x6 photos (and if Big Papa knew I was putting some of these up there, he would be looking for revenge all Real Househubs of Guilford County like) to show off first and then I will get to the 3x4 collages.  I print out my photos at Walgreen's.  I followed the directions on the YT vids to the letter and it worked like a charm.  The only one that didn't work very well was altering a 4x6 to look like a Polaroid (which is an option Pic Monkey gives you).  It could have been operator error because I am not very computer savvy (as can be seen by my lack of blog prettiness...I need some serious help with that!).

Big Poppa and I just went on a quick little vacay to New Bern, NC.  We took a lesson in stand up paddleboarding because we hope to one day put paddleboards on our sailboat to use to get around when we sail.  In the top picture you will notice NOTHING!  Except of course my handsome hubs!!  But in the bottom picture, at the bottom left I added a banner and, on top of the banner, the location and date of our trip!  It was so easy and took no time...even for this dummy!
SHHHHHHHHH! Don't tell because this is totally the one he will bust me for!  The top picture is just a standard man know how they always manage to pull some random studly stance out just as you are about to snap the pic?  This is the classic "2 Gun Salute."  Pic Monkey let me add the 'stache, the hat and the caption.  My daughter and I found it wildly hysterical to add little hats to Big Poppa's head.  Him? Not so much.

And this?  This is where Pic Monkey comes in handy for my thighs (and does the whole 4x6 collagey thing allowing you to get two 3x4s).  I look much skinnier when shrunk down to a little 3x4!  I really SHOULD NOT mention that Pic Monkey also has a Weight Loss edit that it will apply to your photo.  I tried it and saw no change which left me utterly depressed.  I don't take photos for this reason...I like to imagine I look a lot different in my head and 4x6s disprove that whole theory.  But 3x4s on the otherhand....

This one helps me to look a lush because, much like my ass (pictured above), it shrunk down the size of my drinks.  One good tip...rotate your picture when you are putting it in the collage until you like what you see. Some orientations look better once rotated.  I like the way this orientation looked when placed the wrong way because it had that kind of artsy not alcoholic vibe.    And I am sorry you are having to turn your face sideways...I swear I saved it the right way.  It seems Blogger has other ideas.

You know when you go somewhere and you get all picture happy just imagining what lovely layouts you will make?  I got all kinds of pic goofy when I saw these painted bears that can be found all over New Bern.  But really??  What the hell am I going to do with a bajillion 4x6 photos of bears?  Nothing.  Shrink them down to a smaller, more manageable 3x4s and what am I going to do with them?  Well probably still nothing but I do much prefer these smaller sizes just in case!

THAT'S a SMOOTHIE!  Just in case you were forgetting our blog reading pact of this being a judgment free zone. The picture on the left was taken when my daughter and her bestie where sitting out of the pool because it was adult swim.  The blurry edges aren't because YOU have been drinking (or me either) but yet another cool effect on Pic Monkey. I am telling you there are sooooooo many options to play with!  The ummmm "smoothie" has an added arrow at the top left, a heart and a caption (soooo many fonts, so little time!)

There are just so many things you can do with this photo editing site and lots of time you can spend on altering your photos INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!  It doesn't replace my stamps and stickers (because if it did, Big Poppa would be ALLLLLL over it and forbid me to buy another embellishment EVER) because it doesn't feed my creative beast like they do.  I wouldn't recommend editing or altering every photo either because your pictures do tell a story all on their own.  BUT if you need something to do INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY or if you are trying to look all modern and hip AKA Shimelle Laine or Kerri Bradford, then by all means, give it a try!

As always, thanks for reading my blog!  And give a scrappy sister a holla if you find some amazing way of turning Project Life Like and scrapbooking into more of Time Waster than I already have!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cardinal Sin of Project Life (Like)

Don't even begin to think that I was slack on my Tuesday blog schedule.  For your inf-0-mation, I did write this post on Tuesday.  We entertained last night and I didn't get a chance to post it.  However I did get up bright and early and, after my walk, I got right on my blog duties this rainy Wednesday morning.  Not to mention, I did throw in an extra bloggy post this weekend (I am soooo trying to convince myself  I wasn't a slacker yesterday...can you tell??), so THERE!

Call me the Lady Gaga, all dressed in her meat suit, of the Project Life Like (easy BH, I know the drill) phenomenon
Consider me the Miley Cyrus, with her hair all cut off, looking like a Q-tip and her body tatted and pierced making her dad get  Achy and Breaky all over again, of this pocket page style of scrapping.
Watch me NOT CARE just like Martha as she walked out of prison in that gorgeous sweater she spent her days knitting instead of playin' in the "yard" like every one else.

Oh yeah, I am totally doing it (and thanks for not laughing at my somewhat dated pop references...I don't watch television or read the rag mags so I am kind of an old fart) and I don't care what peeps think.  It may not be what  she who shan't be named (AKA BH) or any of the Garden Girls might do, but dang it, I am a Project Life Like Rebel and I LOVE to color outside the lines!

What am I doing that is so daring and spontaneous and just plain bad ass (yeah not really, but what old fart wouldn't want to be called "bad ass" just once) that I dare to blog about it?  Remember last week, we discussed our blog meetings being much like those in Weight Watchers...judgement free.

I am mixing it up!  Oh yeah, I am going out of the box (literally, thanks to BH and her magical Plans A, B, C etc etc etc) and putting some 12x12 LAYOUTS up in here!  BH is choking on an overpriced page divider right now (because I love myself enough to believe that EVERYONE reads my blog...bwhahahahahah).  "Why, why, why!!!???" you cry dramatically.  "Why not" is my emphatic reply.

Why must we have 2 separate albums taking up that much more space on our already overcrowded shelves?  Why give in to the man and spend gobs of money on  2 separate albums (as if the page protectors you lovingly covet won't fit into both D ring albums)?  Why separate the two types of story telling as if they don't both encompass your daily life?  Granted I don't PL in the way that a lot do (meaning every day...kill me now...just sayin').  I tend to work it by the month or by the event.  Still, why wouldn't your album flow just as nicely with a 12x12 of the special events thrown chronologically in the mix.  Mine does (in my mind at least) and I like not having to show 2 different albums to my friends who come over for a visit and BEG to see my scrap albums (sarcasm is sooo my "thang.")

And I know.  Your next argument is somewhat legit....the thickness of your specific PL album and wanting to only use possibly one album per year.  I will concede that fact, but once again I am all about the "flow." and so my rebellion continues; it is Project Life Like pocket pages mixed with 12x12 layouts for this old fart.  BECAUSE I CAN.  BECAUSE I LIKEY.  And maybe, just maybe, because I take really bad pictures that look better when shrunk to fit inside the 3x4 pockets all covered in sequins, journaling stickers and wood veneers (but I will never admit it--just like Martha won't admit that her cell mate knitted that damn sweater :))

I can't really show you my flow so to speak, but I can show you some of my pages, 12x12 and otherwise, (and those 12x12s don't come easy since I have not traditionally scrapped in over 10 years) And in the meantime, I will continue to obsess between working on those adorable pocket pages and downloading page sketches INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!

This is the beginning of the "cover:" pages for my album.  It isn't your usual Project Life Like cover page, but I didn't want to start with typical.  Prepare yourself because there is another 12x12 layout on the other side and then a traditional PLL cover page.
Here is the other side of that first cover page.  What better way to start an album that tells your story than to include a picture of your home??    And then the traditional PL intro spread is pictured to your right..  See, I still gots FLOW!

Here is a typical "A" spread from PLL all kinds of mixed up in there.  This shows a day spent at Donna Downey's studio. Once again, I am scrapping events and months and daily life stuff too.  Generally the pictures dictate whether I am going to do a 12x12 or a PLL spread...the amount, the quality etc, etc.

Oh no she didn't!!  Oh yes, yes I did.  Not only did I throw some 12x12 in the mix but I also got all kinds of cray and threw in some 6x12 spreads too (page to your left).  And, as you can see, I am not sticking to one PLL page protector plan.  OH YEAH, total  badassness.  The pic below is just another example of a mix of pages.  And you can also see the randomness of what I scrap...what is making me happy at the moment, what we consider our signs of summer, volleyball camps, and visits with puppies...REAL LIFE!!

This is one of the last 12x12s because I have lots to add in PLL from before this layout is included.  It is another volleyball camp layout (what our life has consisted of for  most of the summer), but these pics deserved better than just a PLL spread.  It will be placed chronologically in with the rest of my album.

Woo Hoo!  Today is a rainy day which in my world means its a total excuse to craft.  The kiddo has volleyball camp in the morning and I will head to get my microderm on while she is doing that (ugggg, having kids really wreaks havoc on every part of you), then home for school work AND THEN CRAFTING can ensue!  And you know I will totally be scrapping INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Won't you join is a rainy day (here anyways....just sayin')?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Paper Bakery Sketch Challenge

Oh Lordy, has it been awhile!
And working on scrapbook layouts IS NOT like riding a bike. A bike really doesn't change much over the years...not so much for scrapbooking.  Project Life Like has been such a fun thing to start, so I decided why not try a 12x12 layout or two (and because I DO vendor at scrapbook retreats I had better appear legit!).

Since the scrapbook world has come so far since Mrs. Grossman's stickers and circle cut photographs, I decided I needed a sketch to help me out.  What better place to find one than my favorite kit club, The Paper Bakery (   They are hosting a sketch challenge which can be found here:  until August 9th.  Here is a picture of the sketch I used:

Granted,  I am a member of their fabulous Capture 365 kit club, but I did order an an add-on recently that included more things for actual scrapbook layouts (it was the June Scrapbook kit, Bayside High...loved it!). Hopefully you can see some of the items I used from the kit on my layout in all the goodies shown below.

I am new to using kits so I included a lot of other things (I really need to work on getting better at using these kits and have since dedicated my LIFE :) to watching You Tube videos with the hopes of doing just that...mercytiara--I heart her!).  I think I am supposed to keep a list or something of all the things I used, but since I am sooooo super new to this whole idea of a kit, I am feigning ignorance and will pull my blonde card if need be.  I have never done a challenge before either; look at me getting my feet all kinds of wet!  I hope I did Sarah and the rest of the girls at The Paper Bakery justice.  The good in it all is that I had a blast doing the layout.  I loved getting my hands dirty with something other than altered items and "example" items of the classes I teach at the LSS.
Yeah, I am totally rambling so that I prolong the inevitable...showing my layout.  I haven't exactly built up my confidence yet so this feels somewhat like looking in the mirror while wearing a bikini that is 4 sizes too small after eating a huge pizza lunch complete with beer and dessert on a day when my body parts haven't seen the sun in months.  You know, one of those moments in which you wish your contacts would fail or that the department store would somehow lose electricity.  Okay, gentle (and squint...squinting helps!).

And yeah, I got all "gansta rap" on my child's layout, but I am okay with that.  And guess what else?  I totally did this layout INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!  I am okay with that too :).  Thanks for checking this out and go try the challenge at The Paper Bakery too...INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life Like (lack of) Organization

(Keep in mind as you read this post that I am referring to my pocket page scrapping technique as "Project Life Like."  The reasons are twofold:  1. "Pocket page scrapbooking technique" is just too damn long to repeat.  2. I have it from reliable sources that Becky H. is a pretty surly character.  Since she has now trademarked the term "Project Life," I don't feel as if I can use it freely to sum up what I do because I don't exclusively use her product. It seems a sister is a force to be reckoned with when you start messing with where her bread is buttered and I have no intention of going against the Great and Powerful BH)

Okay, so as I have stated in past blogs (ehehhehehehhe, I can actually say "past blogs" and totally mean it!), I am on a Project Life Like kick/frenzy/shopping spiral that is spinning out of control.  Because of that and my extreme CADD (Crafty Attention Deficit...squirrel!...Disorder :)), I have had to consider some organizational changes in my studio.  BLEH!  Just typing that sentence gets me all kinds of itchy and craving chocolate.  However (she said while shoving a calamine lotion covered Snickers bar down her throat), because I kind of need to have all of the supplies handy while taking on the mammoth Project Life like project, I have run into a few snafus.  I am generally NOT organizational challenged because if it ain't got a place, it gets gone (just ask my ex-husband).  The problem, it seems, with my Project Life Like obsession is that I don't exactly know what I need (and YES, I have done a few layouts so don't even try to be all like "if you build it, it will come"), I have bought a lot of "shite (really??  There is no other word for it all)" for said project, and I want to do every technique known to the scrapping world when it comes to each and every pocket on each and every page (therefor I feel the need to also have every PL Like supply known to man at my disposal).

Another issue that gets me all in a tizzy is that I need to be portable.  Well, I don't need to be portable but my Project Life Like supplies DO.  As some of you know, I vendor at scrapbook retreats and attend day crops and scrapping girly weekends etc.  When I go, I want to be able to grab a few large (HUGE) organized containers, my jammies and Big Poppa's credit card and be on my way.  With my current set up, I am not so sure that can happen.

And it is not like I haven't done my homework...
I am on three Project Life Like Facebook groups.  I watch every (EVERY) You Tube video that contains the words Project, Life or a combination of the two. I stalk/follow/pester the hell out of  many of the bloggers that are infamous for PL.  I pin the bejeezus out of any board that has ever showcased a 4x6 or 3x4 journal card on Pinterest.

Wanna see?  Not the above paragraph because that, even to my ears, seems a bit overboard.  Wanna see my Project Life Like organization SKILLZ??  And then give me some feedback or Martha's phone number or Organized Jen's personal home address for help too?  Remember, this (like Weight Watchers) is a judgmement free zone....
(sorry for the glare off of the shiny painted cement floor)  Say HI to Alex!  HI ALEX!!  Alex holds a few PL Liket necessities but is not my main squeeze by any means.  From top to botom Alex contains 1. inks 2. alphabet and number stamps 3. my Cameo and Silver Bullet necessities 4. a few 6x6 pads I have deemed PL Like worthy but not card worthy 5. page protectors 6. stencils

On top of Alex are a few PL Like necessities.  Over to the extreme left is my little bag that contains my tiny trimmer, corner chomper, journaling pens, adhesive etc...definitely portable but not sure it contains all the basics I need.  The 3 drawers are getting a bit stuffed which makes me worry because I don't know what else to put the stuff in.  From top to bottom: 1. tiny boxes with brads, sequins, wood veneers, and all the other little doo-dads that come with PL LIke buying. 2. flat stickers and labels...the only time in my scrapping life I have ever loved stickers! 3. stamps that are specific for PL Like. That dandy blue tray on the top is empty. I put little embellies in it when I am planning my layouts and pockets.  The green basket catches pictures and memorabilia that I plan to include in my PL Like spreads.

I can't even begin to imagine where I got this little wire thingy (and that binder clip hanging so precariously uneven from it is driving me nuts as I type this).  It holds legal file folders. In each folder, I have organized papers specific to PL Like.  The front folder has cutouts and then they are arranged by color.  In the back are PL Like collections (I just discovered these when they were on sale at Hobby Lobby and must say I like them very much).  This bad boy is filling quickly however.  And I know the answer peeps, so please no preaching....I know I should just stop buying and start using.  But, if you are here it is probably because you have an addiction to paper too, so hopefully you get it.
This is the biggest thorn in my side and I am hoping the CTMH organizer will help to contain this wild beast.  These are all of the "kits" I have.  As you can (kind of ) see, they are organized first by size and then by kit.  So all my Honey BH PL core kit cards are together as are my various subscriptions etc.  I find it very hard to dig through in finding things to coordinate because I don't like using the same collection.  I like to mix it up and use my own artistic (heheheeh) eye to color coordinate my layouts.  I have thought about rearranging them by color but that sends me into a complete panic because there is no going back once it is done.  Not to mention, many of these cards are so colorful, it would be almost impossible to single out single colors to categorize them.  I think these containers were meant to be used as ice cube bins in your freezer. At any rate, I got them in the kitchen organizing section of Target.

These 3 drawers from Wal-Mart roll under one of my tables. It is the table I primarily use for PL Like layouts so it is kind of easy to get to.  The mother load of cards pictured above sit in the bottom drawer  and anchor it (literally).  I know I can load this into my Jeep, with the smaller 3 drawer organizer that sits on Alex and my little black basics bag and take them on a crop.  I could also throw in the blue file container and a few things from the drawers of Alex.

The middle drawer houses my washi tape (that was once organized by color) and my alphabet stickers.  I will say that the Thickers you see are NOT my full collection.  I divvied them up and didn't allow for repeats so they would fit.  The doubles and triples live in my storage room (along with A LOT of other "peats" and repeats")

The top drawer still has some room (be still my beating heart).  There are several smaller containers that keep my flair, sewing goodies, printables and items from cut files, little paper odd and ends, and non-sticker embellishments.  

Enough to make you all itchy too right?  Like is your heart totally racing now because you so want to dig into my stash and fix it??  Well COME ON!!  I will make you a cup of coffee, bring you a fabulous cupcake from Maxie B's and watch you work INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  And YOU can organize until your hearts content instead of of doing your laundry too.  But seriously, if you have suggestions, I would love, love, love to hear them.  I am ordering a medium organizing plastic thingy from Close to My Heart from a friend which may help a wee little bit, but give me your awesome suggestions too!!  As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!!