Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Pocket Life Kit with a Little Twist...a Citrus Twist!

A Twisted Kit That is Always So Very Sweet...

Citrus Twist Goodies for August
     You like it when I do this. right?  You like to be enabled so that you can blame someone else for the purchasing of lots and lots (and lots and lots) of scrapbook goodies, right?  I know this because I, too, like to be enabled (okay we may have to switch the word to encouraged because enabling sounds way too harsh for this positive vibe kind of girl) and shown the path to all that is lovely and good in scrapbook nirvana (and so I can blame someone else when Big Papa gets THAT look on his face).  
      And because I always aim to please and I know you likey, I bring you a new (to me) kit of the month club.  WHAT???  WHATCHU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS??  Surely, I didn't go all kinds of crazy and join yet another one.  OH YES!  YES I DID!!  And this is my thought process, so just hang with me for a second.  I really debated whether or not to put another kit club on my blog.  It somehow felt like cheating in a bad, dirty way on those that have come before. And yet, it is not all 50 Shades at all!  In fact, it is quite the familial opposite.  In my adorable little blonde head, adding another kit club to my lovely brood of 4 is like giving birth to another child (and this one is a WHOPPER, weighing in at big pounds, but with none of the proverbial labor pains or mommy guilt).  I love of all of my 5 children (awwwww, I am one short of the Brady Bunch...yeah, NO!) equally and with all of my heart.  They all come/came at different times and they are each so very different.  Each time I look at them I get all giddy and proud.  RIGHT??  RIGHT??  You can totally tell this explanation is soooo working for me (now if I can only get it to work for Big Papa).
     So this?  This is like a birth announcement; an introduction to the newest blessing.  Welcome Citrus Twist to my kit of the month family!  SQUEEEEEEEE!! I am one proud mama because not only have I found yet another club that offers superior value, but the customer service is amazing too.   I will preface this whole intro thing by saying that I did in fact (kind of, sort of ) realize that the amount of Project Life Like cards I was getting each month from all of my (ahem) children was substantial and that I would basically need to live about 4 lives before I would ever be able to use them all.  Because of that, I contacted Trina (me thinks she might be the real "Mama" behind CT) and asked her if I could switch my Pocket Life subscription to their Main Kit for September.  Being so amazingly amazing with the customer service "thang" she let me do just that!  From here on out, I will be getting the main kit each month (don't look at me like I switched kids in the nursery or something...the child reference is merely that and represents the kit in general).  

Just in case you can barely control yourself and need a piece of the action just after seeing my drool worthy picture (the content and the amazing photography--said no one about my blog EVER!), here is the link to Citrus Twist.  OH OH AND OH....I forgot the best part!!  If you sign up for a kit membership and refer a friend who does the same, you both get an embellishment grab bag.  And as you will see soon enough, the embellie grab bag is FABULOUS!   Tell Trina I said HOWDY!! 

Granted this isn't ALL my Pocket Life kit; there are other goodies intermingled with my PL Kit.  The thing is that some of these lovelies were FREE and sent because they were happy and appreciative that I became a member of their kit club.  The smaller companies do such a wonderful job of showing that you are, in fact, a customer and a scrapper, not a number!  And my kit bowl?  I scraplifted the idea from some amazing women on YT who regularly do process videos (check out mercytiara and nicolejones911 if you haven't already).  They put their current kits in bowls and trays on their scrap tables and work from them until there are only bits and pieces left.  Giddyup!

Check out these embellishments....such coordinated goodness!  And, I have to say, I love how the washi comes for two reasons: 1. I will never, ever, in my whole life use an entire roll of washi tape and this happens to be a perfect amount.  2. I can't wait to use that little spool in one of my altered projects when I am done with the beautiful washi. 

 What can you possibly say?  This left even me speechless!!  Once again, a whole 6x6 paper pad just speaks volumes for the quantity AND the quality of this kit membership.  Citrus Twist, I heart you!!


I know this is such a shocker (she said sarcastically), but the photography doesn't even do the colors of these cards justice.  They are really in the softest, most trendy off whites, blues, turquoises, reds and oranges.  And if you do pocket scrapping like I do, that card in the upper left just makes you go "SQUEEEEEEE!" because it is more of a by the month trend as opposed to by the week (but could be used either way).

Hmmmm mmmm, more slap yo mama goodness!  And forgive my YT vid (I am saying it like this because I know you watched it. And here is where you nod and agree to make Heather happy...like Big Poppa does when he has only pretended to hear anything I just said) because I misnamed the company these pretties came from.  They actually came from We R Memory Keepers and I went on and on calling them something different.  It is called You Tube brain....all rational and intelligent thought seems to slide from my head as soon as I press RECORD.  Kind of like how I magically gain 30 pounds as soon as someone snaps my photo (okay, not really...I just like to think I  have way fewer chins than what I see in photos).

 Speaking of customer appreciation...yeah, this is totally a sign of their appreciation.  Just to say thanks, they sent an ENTIRE stamp set.  And not only is it an ENTIRE stamp set, but it is a wonderful one that is soooo completely pocket scrapbooking oriented that I can't believe I haven't had it in my arsenal before now.   Thank you CT!
I really, really (really, really, really) have a hard time saying no to a stamp.  Case in point, I added on both of these lovelies.  The prices are so good and the stamps are so freakin' cute and appropriate for my style of scrapping that it really is hard to say "no" so I didn't.  Sorry Nancy Reagan (another 80s reference...apologies to my young readers), but this girl just said YES!

I expressed a few blogs back (ahhhh, it is so nice to say a few blogs back and totally not mean a few months or years back) that I have started incorporating (and loving) 12x12 layouts into my pocket page scrapping.  I love how CT puts together trending papers for me in a nice and neat coordinated way.  Once again, the price is so good that I just had to add it on.

Remember the freebie that I mentioned for September (the "sign up for a kit membership and encourage a friend to sign up for kit membership too"  freebie)?  Well I was lucky enough to sign up in August (different freebie incentive) and get this LOAD of embellishments in a grab bag (anyone else LOVE a grab bag???) I was totally blown away by how current and hip these embellies are and am loving the fact that, once again, CT went out of their way to just say thank you.  

Now go check out the September picks for Citrus Kits INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Dirty clothes can wait; awesome kit memberships must be ooooogled now!  And if you need one more thing to do INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY, go check out my You Tube video which showcases the kit goodies even better.  And once you get done watching....NO!  I haven't finished the book which is why my blog still looks busted.  Patience my little blog readers; I can't hit you with my fabulousness all at once....baby steps!! 

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