Monday, April 14, 2014

How Crafting ADD Translates to My Art Journal

Crafting ADD, or as it is known in the DSM-IV, Craftophrenia, was the topic of my last blog post (and if you haven't yet read that stunning piece of informational and inspirational non-fiction, I strongly urge you to run not walk to that blog post).  Did I find a cure?  HA!  What makes you think I want to??  No cure and no calming in the way my mind constantly drifts from one lovely art idea to another has yet evolved.  However, I was inspired to SHOW you how I feel as opposed to telling you.

As we have discussed in so many of my blog posts (such a stretch I know, but it makes me sound really quite professional if you are just finding my blog right??), this is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE.  So feel free to read this while eating a dozen Krispy Kremes (Dunkin' Doughnuts however are not acceptable and you will be judged for your lack of doughnut picking prowess) or  while dressed in your favorite pair of ugly pink pig pajamas because you haven't yet showered; I won't judge and am hoping you won't either.  Below you will see one of the pages from my art journal. I don't really share my art journal because I find it somewhat personal.  It is where I go to play NOT perfect (and by perfect, I hope you totally know that I know that you know that I am no perfectionist) and where I tend to display my "quote whore" tendencies.  It is also where I try out new techniques and supplies before finally putting them to use on a canvas or card or scrapbook page.  It is also a place of no fear (huge topic of conversation over at a new to me Google + community called The Kraaft Shaak as pf late) because I am usually the only person who sees my journal.

DANG TANGENT (the proverbial squirrel rears its ugly nuts once again)!

As I was flipping through one of my beloved Somerset Studio magazines, I saw an article about Junelle Jacobsen that featured some of her art.  I love her whimsical ways and recently took an idea of hers for a canvas and put my spin on it too.  But when I saw her girl with the explosion of hair and wishes she had for herself all tangled in it, it translated into something else for me.  Why not turn those wishes into all of the artsy and craftsy desires that are constantly running through my head (Craftophrenia members UNITE!)  and put them where I can see them and maybe, just maybe, cross some things off my list and concentrate more on some of the ideas that really make my heart sing.  So while you might be saying to yourself, "What the hell is she talking about?  All I see is some chic with a blonde afro puff and lots of circles!" hold on because it is not done yet.  It is a work in progress.  Isn't it always a work in progress?  Well, it is until it isn't.  For now, this little self-portrait of my Crafty ADD self is what I am doing INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY.  I have also been taking some golf clinics INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY but that is a whole other blog post (hell, that is a whole other blog titled THE THINGS I DO IN ORDER TO KICK MY HUSBAND"S BUTT At JUST ONE SPORT, ANY SPORT FOR PETE"S SAKE!).  I will be back to show you how she ends up whether I (or you) like it or not.  Can you figure out a way to translate your artsy fears into your art INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY?  If so, tell me how.  Or better yet, show me!

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