Monday, February 4, 2013

My Design Team Project for January!

WOO WOO!  I am official!!  While I have been on the design team for Gina's Designs (  for quite a few months, my projects are usually geared towards getting things ready for the retreats that I vendor for.  Because of that, I generally create my projects based on  the ladies at the retreats and what I know their style to be.  This time, however, was different.  When Gina sent me this perpetual calendar kit, I KNEW exactly what paper I wanted to use and I KNEW it was going to be my taste...MINE, MINE, MINE!!! 

Gina's Perpetual Calendar kits come with everything you need to put together a lovely like this one (but in your style) except the paper.  It takes the guess work out of finding letters and numbers to make the months, days and dates.  And it is made of WOOD!  Yep, not chip!!  As you can tell, I beat the bejeezus out of mine and distressed it until even it's mama wouldn't recognize it (what a stress reliever that was ).  I also painted it and antiqued it. 

The paper I used is Graphic 45's Place in Time!  I love this paper!!  The images are fantastic.  Now had I thought I might like my project to be "matchy matchy: I would NOT have used this line.  This paper is anything but and yet I still HEART it so!!!  It is vintage and lovely and ME!! 

I also used one of Timmy's library drawer pulls and typed up a word on my TYPEWRITER (I FINALLY have a typewriter and couldn't be more thrilled).  It is a word I must be reminded of daily...BREATHE!  As with every G45 collection, there are postage stamps scattered throughout.  I used them to make the box holding the calendar look even older...kind of like when you were young and used to stick stickers to everything??  I remember my mom yelling at me about that and me thinking at the time that I couldn't even imagine a day in which I wouldn't love the New Kids on the Block stickers I had stuck to (EVERYTHING) my bed. 

Yes, mom won that argument too.  But I did want this project to have that abandoned but at one time well loved kind of feel to it too.  And what would a perpetual calendar be if it didn't have a spot to put birthdays!  I had to include some space for the birthdays that I always manage to forget.  The collection actually had a cut out that fit perfectly on my month pages so that is what I used.  Of course I will have to write small but it is the thought right??

Gina offers this version as well as a bracket version of the calendar kit.  I am working on that version as we speak using an Authentique line of paper.  It coordinates much differently and instead of painting my exterior, I was able to cover it because Gina provided the cut files as well.  As soon as I get that one done, I will do my best to post it.  Of course I have a bazillion projects to get done before the retreat on Friday and plan on working my booty off on them INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!! 


  1. Heather you did a great job with your perpetual calendar. I love the shabby, beaten up effect! The paper is really cool! Congrats on a job well done :-D

  2. What a fabulous calendar, I absolutely love the style and all the distressing! (and your blog name is perfect! every craft I do is instead of the laundry!!!)

  3. I love what you did with your calendar Heather, it gorgeous!!