Thursday, January 31, 2013

It is Retreat TIME!!

If there was a font that looked like a shaky, caffeine addicted, crazy hand had written it, I would totally be using it right now.  IT IS RETREAT SEASON!  That means my life, each month, gets a little more hectic and crazy. It doesn't sound much like a retreat right?  Since I have started vendoring for these scrappy retreats, the word retreat has taken on a whole new meaning.
Instead of planning what things I will take to alter, scrap, and eat I now have to figure out what lovely things from Gina's Designs these cropping crazy ladies will fall in love with. I need to make sure my grab bags are slammed full of yumminess. I have to ensure that I have the fun and vintage embellishments the ladies have grow to expect from me.  And, because shopping is such a visual sport, I have to make sure I have all of the above mentioned things shown beautifully in examples and displays.  WHEW!!  All of that INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY of course!
My next few posts (and hopefully they will be a lot more frequent than my previous posts) will be all about the samples I am making and the product from Gina's store I am using. I have to do 2 make and takes for the ladies (one free and one paid) and I already know exactly what I will be doing which is where the pics for this post came from. These pics are of the paid make and take and higlight some of my vintage goodies and stamps as well as some of the $2 paper from Mikes. 
Many of the ladies at the retreats often say. "I want you to teach me to do what you do."  Hmmmmm, well is it possible to teach procrastination and craziness??  Oh that is probably not what they mean but that is what I feel sometimes (all the time).  I thought the first fun idea would be to start teaching them to upcycle because they certainly seem enthralled with all that I alter.  A lunch bag is generally the easiest thing I can think of to start with so that is what I did.  I also want to teach them how to use patterns more so we will be playing with Valentine's Day paper layering as well.

Don't you just love mixing it up?  I love the versatility that patterned paper brings.  It seems the only time I reach for plain cardstock is to stamp or mat.  There bags will  be somewhat different and I will post a pic of those as soon as I can get it from my phone to my computer.   I hope they like it as much as I do. For some reason, working with paper lunch bags is just so satisfying (and cheap)...especially when I am altering them INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!

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