Monday, January 7, 2013

A proud project from the past

Since I haven't had my mojo in a few weeks BUT I wanted to keep up my resolve to continue with my blog, I am posting a project that brought such pride from the past.  Of course, when I say past, I merely mean a few months back.  It is still one that I return to when I need some inspiration so I am hoping that some mojo will return simply by putting it out there into the universe again.

I was given the mirror (which you can't see) that is the middle piece of this crazy puzzle by my local scrapbook store owner, Betty.  She issued a few of these out to some of her crazier customers and challenged us to show our "style."  OH YEAh!!  I love this kind of challenge because there is complete artistic freedom and that means RUN WITH IT!! 

The bottom piece is a 12x12 canvas that has been stenciled, modeling pasted, inked, stamped, etc.  The mirror in the middle has been covered in G45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Paper and the top tiny canvas has been stenciled, pasted, etc as well; I also stamped a fave saying and cut it apart in order to paste it on. And then I RAN!  I fussy cut some things, dug through my stash of vintage game pieces, and found some die cuts of Gina's that worked amazingly well with it all. The top canvas is hinged so that when you open it, you see YOU staring back.  My husband thought it looked like an "I Spy" challenge after all was said and done...and I am okay with that!  How many times can you "spy" G45?  How many of Gina's die cuts can you find?  What games were used in the making of this art piece?

See??  It is a fun game you can play INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!
Peace, Love and Crafts...and send some crafty mojo my way please!
PS Did I mention I entered this in a challenge put forth by eclectic Paperie?  Keep your fingers crossed because the winner gets a gift certificate!!

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  1. Gotta love the random and anything goes style of Steampunk :) So fun!