Monday, January 7, 2013

Mojo or Pure Pressure??

I don't know whether or not I was able to finish these because I posted one of my most favorite projects earlier today or if it was just a matter of pressure to finish Christmas (oh yes I said Christmas) presents for the family.  Whatever it was, I was extremely thrilled to mark some things off my to do list (besides the millions of doctors appointments, errands, and chores that always seem to hover there) today. 
The recipe box is for my mother-in-law.  She is the keeper of the family recipes and an avid cook.  I found an old, ugly recipe box at the thrift store for a quarter and covered it in Martha goodies and paper.  There is even some Gina goodness hidden in there too! While it isn't my style, I hope she will like it.  She is always so sweet when it comes to my crafty goods and never seems to mind not getting something from the store for every holiday.

Side of the recipe box covered in wood grain paper

The other side of the recipe box

She is also the best card sender I have ever known.  It never fails to amaze me that she remembers to send all of her children a card for every major holiday.  To help her organize all of those cards, I found a Christmas card organizer at The Christmas Tree Shops.  It was only $1.00 and covered in really ugly green paper.  The upside is that there is a heavy metal tag on the spine that can be taken on and off that says Christmas.  It was well worth $1.00 and very easy to alter using some adorable October Afternoon paper (and of course a Gina doily too!!).  The inside is a soft grey felt that has belly bands to hold cards on either side of the binder.  October Afternoon is a new favorite of mine.  I used to be such a Graphic 45 girl (okay I still am), but am trying to branch out and discover new companies.  I like OA's use of the kitschy whimsy.  It suits my own vintage love and style. 

Last, and also maybe least, is the card I made to send as well.  I did make them a Christmas card but thought I would be ahead of the game if I created a Valentine's Day card and sent it with the Christmas gifts too.  I recently ordered a stamp from Simon Says Stamp because I THOUGHT it was a French bulldog (those who know me know that my Frenchie is one of the great loves of my life).  When I saw this stamp, I really thought it was a French bulldog. However, after watching Kristina Werner make a card using the same stamp and commenting on how it is a BOSTON TERRIER that belongs to the owner of SSS, I was sad.  In my eyes it looks way more like a Frenchie!  Either way, it is a win win because my in-laws have a Boston Terrier.  This card covers my booty either way and came out okay.  I am still struggling with cards and am looking forward to getting some of my mojo back so that I can craft some beautiful cards for Valentine's Day.
Since my daughter is now attending school (remember she was homeschooled until Jan. 3) and I am getting my health issues in check finally, I am hoping to finish projects like these every day....INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY of course!!

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  1. Love all of these projects/gifts Heather. The recipe box has such a sweet retro design. All three of these projects have some retro flair. Not usually a big fan of gingerbread men (they scare me lol), but when you put them in this retro setting they are ADORABLE!!!! :)