Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cardinal Sin of Project Life (Like)

Don't even begin to think that I was slack on my Tuesday blog schedule.  For your inf-0-mation, I did write this post on Tuesday.  We entertained last night and I didn't get a chance to post it.  However I did get up bright and early and, after my walk, I got right on my blog duties this rainy Wednesday morning.  Not to mention, I did throw in an extra bloggy post this weekend (I am soooo trying to convince myself  I wasn't a slacker yesterday...can you tell??), so THERE!

Call me the Lady Gaga, all dressed in her meat suit, of the Project Life Like (easy BH, I know the drill) phenomenon
Consider me the Miley Cyrus, with her hair all cut off, looking like a Q-tip and her body tatted and pierced making her dad get  Achy and Breaky all over again, of this pocket page style of scrapping.
Watch me NOT CARE just like Martha as she walked out of prison in that gorgeous sweater she spent her days knitting instead of playin' in the "yard" like every one else.

Oh yeah, I am totally doing it (and thanks for not laughing at my somewhat dated pop references...I don't watch television or read the rag mags so I am kind of an old fart) and I don't care what peeps think.  It may not be what  she who shan't be named (AKA BH) or any of the Garden Girls might do, but dang it, I am a Project Life Like Rebel and I LOVE to color outside the lines!

What am I doing that is so daring and spontaneous and just plain bad ass (yeah not really, but what old fart wouldn't want to be called "bad ass" just once) that I dare to blog about it?  Remember last week, we discussed our blog meetings being much like those in Weight Watchers...judgement free.

I am mixing it up!  Oh yeah, I am going out of the box (literally, thanks to BH and her magical Plans A, B, C etc etc etc) and putting some 12x12 LAYOUTS up in here!  BH is choking on an overpriced page divider right now (because I love myself enough to believe that EVERYONE reads my blog...bwhahahahahah).  "Why, why, why!!!???" you cry dramatically.  "Why not" is my emphatic reply.

Why must we have 2 separate albums taking up that much more space on our already overcrowded shelves?  Why give in to the man and spend gobs of money on  2 separate albums (as if the page protectors you lovingly covet won't fit into both D ring albums)?  Why separate the two types of story telling as if they don't both encompass your daily life?  Granted I don't PL in the way that a lot do (meaning every day...kill me now...just sayin').  I tend to work it by the month or by the event.  Still, why wouldn't your album flow just as nicely with a 12x12 of the special events thrown chronologically in the mix.  Mine does (in my mind at least) and I like not having to show 2 different albums to my friends who come over for a visit and BEG to see my scrap albums (sarcasm is sooo my "thang.")

And I know.  Your next argument is somewhat legit....the thickness of your specific PL album and wanting to only use possibly one album per year.  I will concede that fact, but once again I am all about the "flow." and so my rebellion continues; it is Project Life Like pocket pages mixed with 12x12 layouts for this old fart.  BECAUSE I CAN.  BECAUSE I LIKEY.  And maybe, just maybe, because I take really bad pictures that look better when shrunk to fit inside the 3x4 pockets all covered in sequins, journaling stickers and wood veneers (but I will never admit it--just like Martha won't admit that her cell mate knitted that damn sweater :))

I can't really show you my flow so to speak, but I can show you some of my pages, 12x12 and otherwise, (and those 12x12s don't come easy since I have not traditionally scrapped in over 10 years) And in the meantime, I will continue to obsess between working on those adorable pocket pages and downloading page sketches INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!

This is the beginning of the "cover:" pages for my album.  It isn't your usual Project Life Like cover page, but I didn't want to start with typical.  Prepare yourself because there is another 12x12 layout on the other side and then a traditional PLL cover page.
Here is the other side of that first cover page.  What better way to start an album that tells your story than to include a picture of your home??    And then the traditional PL intro spread is pictured to your right..  See, I still gots FLOW!

Here is a typical "A" spread from PLL all kinds of mixed up in there.  This shows a day spent at Donna Downey's studio. Once again, I am scrapping events and months and daily life stuff too.  Generally the pictures dictate whether I am going to do a 12x12 or a PLL spread...the amount, the quality etc, etc.

Oh no she didn't!!  Oh yes, yes I did.  Not only did I throw some 12x12 in the mix but I also got all kinds of cray and threw in some 6x12 spreads too (page to your left).  And, as you can see, I am not sticking to one PLL page protector plan.  OH YEAH, total  badassness.  The pic below is just another example of a mix of pages.  And you can also see the randomness of what I scrap...what is making me happy at the moment, what we consider our signs of summer, volleyball camps, and visits with puppies...REAL LIFE!!

This is one of the last 12x12s because I have lots to add in PLL from before this layout is included.  It is another volleyball camp layout (what our life has consisted of for  most of the summer), but these pics deserved better than just a PLL spread.  It will be placed chronologically in with the rest of my album.

Woo Hoo!  Today is a rainy day which in my world means its a total excuse to craft.  The kiddo has volleyball camp in the morning and I will head to get my microderm on while she is doing that (ugggg, having kids really wreaks havoc on every part of you), then home for school work AND THEN CRAFTING can ensue!  And you know I will totally be scrapping INSTEAD OF THE LAUNDRY!  Won't you join is a rainy day (here anyways....just sayin')?


  1. You crack me up! I love you beyond words and think your PL is gorgeous! It is so like you to keep everyone on their toes! And, I agree... crafting is always better than doing laundry!

    1. Awww Mona, you about made me cry because I love you to bits as well and hope you know that you are a huge reason I am doing all of this...if it hadn't been for "finding myself" again at that very first Nags Head retreat, I don't know where I would be. I know it wouldn't be in this happy place of scrappin' and yappin' and for that I am forever grateful. As far as Project Life, you know it is all about coloring outside the lines! Speaking of your most set in her ways of scrapping attendees did ask me to show her how to use a stencil and spray inks at the next retreat! WOOOO WOOOOO! I love it and had to give her a big old hug if for no other reason but that she s trying something new!! YOU are reaching people sweet friend!!!!!!

  2. Love your album! I haven't made any 12x12s since I started PL because I've been doing it weekly and it eats up all my time + photos! But next year I might switch it up because I miss the bigger layouts at times!

    I included a photo of my "house" [I put it in quotes because it ws a photo of the front of my apartment building, I lived in Manhattan at the beginning of 2013 + there is no such thing as a "house" there] on my cover page too, I definitely agree that belongs there! Especially because me + my bf aren't totally settled down yet so it's going to change a few times before we find a more permanent spot...definitely "setting the stage" for the album!

  3. Come on over to the dark side Linda! We rebels need to stick together and change the perception of what scrapping HAS to be and let it be known that the story is YOURS to tell in whatever way you want to tell it!
    And your house can be wherever those you love gather right, so kudos to you for adding a picture of your home at the time. What a neat process it will be to see the changes you make in your residence! Those pictures in turn will provoke memories of things you liked and didn't, friends and neighbors, etc, etc. And what a story (and album) that will make. Thanks for reading and commenting! I do greatly appreciate it...xoxoxxo Heather K.

  4. I enjoy your blog. You are too funny. I just recently got interested in the PL style of scrapbooking. Love your take on it. Great idea to take a picture of your home...have a feeling I will scraplift that idea. I need to take some time and read all your older postings as I have just recently found your blog. Looking forward to reading your next one. Great pages by the way. Jenny

    1. Well Miss Jenny, I don't know whether to give you a big old Southern hug or slap you silly! I much prefer the hug but don't you dare go back and read all of those old and boring posts. Let's pretend they never happened (much like my first husband) and start fresh! I only say that because I don't even read my old posts :). Seriously though, thanks so much for your kindness, your support, and your encouragement. Scraplift away my dear and let me see the finished product please!! xoxoxxoxo Heather K.

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